Women in The Business World!

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Women are endlessly attaining more in business, including the eCommerce industry. Doing business online offers women more opportunities for free time and financial freedom. It also allows for those with lack of funds to have access to an audience not otherwise reachable. Women in all stages of life can use eCommerce to follow their passions and ambitions. The industries listed have many success stories for women interested in starting their own company online. These industries are seeing the amount of women leaders within them expand.

1. Blogging

According to Sysomos, when it comes to gender, bloggers are quite close to being split down the middle. Blogging is an excellent way to market to potential clients. It is easy to start a blog and turn it into a business from the following gathered. The blog “hot for food” by Lauren Toyota shows how focusing on a niche such as vegan recipes, can lead to the release of a cookbook. Lauren was able to make a business based on her love for sharing vegan food with others.

2. Cosmetics

According to Statista, the Cosmetics industry is estimated to have brought in 49.2 billion during 2019. Many of the largest cosmetics brands are run by men, even though a majority of customers are women. Women are changing this and have already seen success by starting their own cosmetics companies. Glossier’s founder Emily Weiss started the makeup and skincare brand as a beauty blog that eventually turned into an online store. Glossier makes over $100 million dollars in annual revenue showing the power of using the internet and content.

3. Haircare

Haircare is another industry where women are seeing accomplishments. The founder of OUAI haircare products is Jen Atkin, a celebrity stylist turned entrepreneur. With her expertise in styling hair, she created OUAI to make high-end products available at an affordable price. She did this alongside launching her blog Mane Addicts, which further strengthened the online presence of OUAI. The OUAI website also has content like blogs, featuring how to use the products to do one’s hair.

4. Technology

Technology is still a male dominated industry, but this is changing as more start-ups are being led by women. Melanie Perkins, Cameron Adams, and Cliff Obrecht created Canva in 2012 as a graphic design platform that is used to create visual content. The goal of Canva is to make graphic design more accessible for everyone to use. This idea has brought the company a value of $6B as of 2020. Melanie Perkins is one of the youngest female CEO’s to lead a billion dollar company.

5. Education Technology

Education technology is an area that has an estimated double the amount of women founders compared to the other areas of tech. At least 30% of these start-ups include a woman on their founding team. Coursera was founded by Andrew Ng and co-founded by Daphne Koller. Before co-founding Coursera, Daphne Koller was a computer science professor at Stanford University. Coursera is an online course platform that allows people to learn virtually to achieve their goals. They provide certification showing proof of education one got from taking courses on Coursera.

6. Health and Wellness

The health and wellness industry has seen an influx of women entrepreneurs as well. The eCommerce health and wellness based start-up Kasha was co-founded by Joanna Bichsel. Kasha focuses on women’s health, wellness, and beauty in East Africa. They help women from low-income rural areas get the information and products they need affordably. This is a brand founded by a woman that empowers women by giving them support.

7. Life coaching

Life coaching is similar to being a teacher, but it involves teaching about how to overcome everyday life issues. As stated by Career Explorer, around 70{9b1ba001e3f43adb06369df9d4a206db055fd8c147cf3e41579b22b550390e00} of life coaches are women. It can be done solely online or in-person, making it a good fit for eCommerce. Laura Lee is a life coach who uses her own experiences to help other women during a 6 to 9 month period. All life coaches help others but with their own personal stories to share to clients. They may help others with difficulties they have already overcome.

8. Skincare

The skincare industry is projected to bring in over $180B by 2024. It is an industry with stiff competition, but Victoria Tsai was able to make Tatcha known. The brand was started in 2009, but did not see the massive growth until later years. Tatcha is focused on clean beauty using Japanese ingredients, which helped it to stand out. The company went from no revenue to a million dollars and was acquired by Unilever in 2019.

9. Social Media/Marketing

Women can utilize social media to promote their eCommerce business or make a business around promoting others. The US Chamber Foundation says that 90% of women-owned businesses have no other employees other than the business owner. This makes social media marketing and online stores extremely important for women to leverage. One can start their own business centered around social media marketing for clients. Facebook research shows that 81% of women-owned businesses say social media is helpful for their business.

10. Finance

Finance has a gender gap that is narrowing as more women get involved. Sallie Lee Krawcheck is the CEO and co-founder of Ellevest.  It was started by Sallie who believed traditional investment firms were not set up to properly aid women’s financial goals. It is an online investment tool for women to better control and manage their finances. The service is tailored towards women, but all investors are welcome.

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