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We provide scalable Magento Website Design, Development and Customization


Magento Code
Analysis and Review

We aim to satisfy our clients and work with utmost zeal and zest. Thus, we provide our customers with the actual, understandable code. Our skills and professionalism let us identify any technical issues and then do the modifications as per need.


Migration to Magento
from other Ecommerce platforms

Magento is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms that’s worthwhile for business owners. Therefore, we’ll help you shift from any other eCommerce platform to Magento.


Magento Bug

Maintaining a site is the most crucial responsibility; similarly, fixing bugs and eliminating multiple other issues is part of this responsibility. You can identify these issues while noting down the complaints of handling these bugs is never an issue while you are in agreement with PHP Studios.


Magento 1 to Magento
2 Migration

The latest the software you make use of, the better the outputs will be delivered to you. Upgrading Magento 1 to Magento 2 will open up numerous options to modify your site. However, there’s no worry for you as we’ll help you with this transfer.


Magento 2

Updating Magento 2 means that you’ll now be able to access the latest features and tighten up your website’s security. Hence, we quickly look forward to upgrading Magento 2 so that you can prosper with your online business with various add-ons.


Magento integrations
with third party

Our expertise to link third-party affairs such as payment procedures, CRMs, shipping methods, ERP, etc., will indeed be widening up the passage of your success.


Magento 2 Extensions

Our professionals just don’t haste through the extension formation but ensure that they work with passion and zeal to avoid possible inconvenience.


Magento 2 Theme

To outclass your potential opponents concerning style format and designs, our UI developers will add to the liveliness of the page with quintessential design patterns and formats.


Magento Website
support and

Every site requires maintenance with utmost care. Preise monitoring of activities and execution of controlling plans at the right moment is the ultimate requirement of every website owner. Thus, our support professionals keep a close check on all the activities and ensure that your site is continuously active and can generate frequent conversions.


Magento Deployments

A team effort behind a successful business is indeed crucial. Henceforth, the experience and the passion of the staff matter a lot. A team’s combined effort is always fruitiest. Thus, this persistent effort keeps the site working at total capacity. Therefore, our team holds a lot of experience in handling tasks on various servers and environments.


Magento 2

Did you know slow-loading websites lead to a $2.6 billion revenue loss each year? A slow-to-lead website pulls away from your potential buyers, reduces business leads, and goes along with your competitors. No matter whatever the scenario is, we stand by your side, helping your performance uplift.


Magento 2 online

We are not only the service providers in town, but we too train keen learners. We also share our knowledge with our prospects and help them to run their eCommerce store independently soon.

Our Mission

At PHP Studios, we’re passionate about creating intelligent eCommerce solutions and campaigns for our customers around the globe. We are constantly investing in talent and technology to help you innovate and grow. We give honest, open advice for your businesses without bringing your pockets into the account.

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We are proud to employ developers that hold professional certifications and have made official contributions to the technologies they work with every day.
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  • Mobile-Friendly Store Setting
  • More extraordinary Performance and Scalability.
  • Get introduced to better SEO options.
  • Better Integrations.
  • Better Security Intent.
  • Huge Revenue.
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