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Magento 2 has always been satisfactory for the customers. Yet, a few customers find it partial to their expectations; thus, we are up to cover up the gap.
More importantly, Magento 2 lacks basic idea creation and implementation concerned with a user-friendly interface. That’s prominent as Magento 2 doesn’t let its customers check out with few out of the selected items. Well, we do create custom extensions.
Hence, we made sure that we provide our customers with the ease of making timely purchases. This feature will help customers purchase the urgently desired products and save others for later purchase.

Price and Size
Matrix Extension

There are numerous stories on the internet about customizable trade products. There can be a variety of such products. For instance, a merchant trading shoes, windows, clothes, et cetera is likely to burden his store and himself with various issues.
These issues primarily relate to the sizes, colors, material, etc. These varying features of products will directly or indirectly impact the site’s effectiveness, making it prone to numerous issues.
Our custom extensions permit the merchant to peak on to their sales while kicking aside these hurdles.

NMI Payment
Gateway Extension

Our experts use their skills to create such extensions that Magento 2 can be linked together with NMI. NMI is an online payment service that’s an excellent substitute for renowned systems such as Braintree and Authorize.net. Integrating an eCommerce platform, Magento 2 with NMI creates a well-devised system for receiving and making payments between sellers and buyers.

A known fact is that we were the first ones in the market to initiate these distinct extensions for such purposes.


The x2x-eCommerce extension helps the site owners merge Magento 2 with x2x ERP to boost sales while simplifying online selling procedures. For example, it eases out the stock management and order placements.

Physical Store
Availability Extension

It’s another quintessential extension, created to authorize the purchaser to view whether the product is available at the seller’s physical store and nearby branches based on GPS technology.

Asynchronous Product
Quantity Update

This extension lets the seller update product quantities on the web page at regular intervals; therefore, canceling out the need for constant reloads. This option is a fantastic alternative to the existing feature of Magento 2, the “quality change.”

Discount Filter
on Category Page

The discount Filter extension lets the purchaser filter the products based on the discount offered on them. This extension leads to frequent conversions by allowing the clients to avail themselves of mega deals.

Custom Price
Rules Extension

Similar to the x2x ERP extension, the custom price rules extension lets buyers connect Magento 2 with the x2x ERP system for stock and checklist management alongside order placements.

Straker Translations
WordPress Plugin

The WordPress plugin interface is a multilingual translator, as this software is highly intuitive in translating WordPress websites over 20 distinctive languages.

Straker Translations
Magento Extension

Straker translation Magento extension is probably used as a cloud-based translation technology for communication with clients of different originality through specific terms and ways.

Straker’s linguistic services help create content in various languages and include human translators, machine learning, and automated file handling.

Straker’s translatory tools are indeed helpful in making the translation processes effective and efficient.

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