React & PWA

Upgrade Your Magento Store With Superfast PWA Solutions

We provide a scalable Progressive Web Application (PWA) solution for your online store or website. Adding all the great benefits provided by the PWA technology it provides Instant loading time, Home screen App save, Offline mode, Push notifications, and much more.


Developing PWA For
any Backend Framework

Our experts will build a Progressive Web Application with fast load speed, offline functionality, and a mobile-app-like experience.

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Migrating Native
Apps to PWA

At PHP Studios, our developers master migrating your existing native applications to scalable React-based PWA.

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Platform Independent

Our PWA Solutions are compatible with both iOS and Android.

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Theme Customization

With our UI/UX designs, you’re just a step back to produce a responsive web design for your businesses.

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Enhance your business capabilities with third-party integrations. A better-enhanced customer experience always draws leads.

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Support & Maintainance

We are always happy to assist you in making sure that you end up making a long-term relationship with your customers.

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Our Mission

At PHP Studios, we’re passionate about creating intelligent eCommerce solutions and campaigns for our customers around the globe. We are constantly investing in talent and technology to help you innovate and grow. We give honest, open advice for your businesses without bringing your pockets into the account.

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A React based PWA platform for Magento 2
PWA Facts
  • Built using common web technologies HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • Allows Progressive Enhancements
  • Mobile App-Like Experience
  • Work Offline
  • Re-Engagement at its best
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Features: Rich Offline Experiences, Periodic Background Syncs & Push Notifications
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