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Why is React JS great for Businesses?

React JS is a library of Javascript that is easy to use and beneficial for organizations, both small and large. It facilitates its users with easy changes across app and web development. 

So why should we use React JS?

All the big companies like Paypal, Apple, and Netflix use React JS. 30000+ websites have been built using the framework of React JS. Now you must be thinking, why is React JS so popular? The most prominent reasons behind this are stated below:



Higher Code Stability

The code is kept stable since data only flows in one direction. When a developer uses techniques like data binding, the changes made in the child structure will not affect the parent structure.


Easy to Understand:

The React JS framework is suitable since JS developers can quickly learn and work with it in little to no time.


Large Community

Available to more than 1,100 contributors on GitHub. There are active communities for React JS on famous platforms such as StackOverflow, Freecode IRC, and Slack, where developers help beginners with their problems. People get answers regarding their queries on such media, and a large community allows people to learn and engage with React JS more easily. 


SEO Friendly

As compared to other frameworks, using React JS can increase the likelihood of being ranked on top. Search engines are allowed to crawl through JS-heavy apps. 


Code components being reusable:

Often, coders have to write the same code repetitively, which is quite daunting. To aid with this, Facebook inculcated the function to reuse code components, which has been a lifesaver for Reactjs developers. It saves time for the developers and helps them get rid of the hassle. All members are isolated so that other components are not affected by changes in one component.