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Top 5 Popular Libraries for React JS Apps

In today's world, the ability to keep learning constantly and being accustomed to modern technologies is critical to excel in any profession. In particular, if you want to succeed as a JavaScript developer, you are just at the right place. 

What matters the most when developing a web application is how your users perceive it. For that reason, it is essential to make the UI of your application captivating. 

If the UI is not good enough, users' journey through the application becomes really complicated. In order to simplify the interface, React can be effective.

React is one of the most famous frameworks for frontend development since it is very easy to use and offers high performance. It helps develop a simple yet attractive UI for web apps. 

In addition to that, React has many other practical applications. People worldwide have built tools and libraries using React, which has eased the app development process. 

It does not matter if you are an expert developer or just a beginner trying to master his skills; being familiar with these five popular libraries of React JS can be of great assistance. 


The five best popular react JS apps are as under


  1. Create React App
  2. Redux Form 
  3. React Intl
  4. Styled Components
  5. React Virtualized



Create React App:

Created by Facebook developers, Create React App is a CLI(command-line interface) that allows you to very easily create any project on React JS. It helps to create single-page apps that are supported officially by the team React. 

Building structures of files and catalogs and incorporating such tools required at starting any application simplifies most of the challenging tasks. Not only that, but it also assists with building, testing, and launching your application. 

In this way, it's really a must-have application for JS developers since not having it can make them spend a lot of time on the manual setup and configuration, which can be seriously frustrating. 



Redux Form 

Implementing complex and customized forms is made more accessible by a set of action and reducer creators that we know as, Redux Form. It is a good library, especially for working with validations. It provides various functions for validating the values at once. 

When compared to other similar tools, it proves to be a much more straightforward tool with excellent performance. With Redux form, you still have the flexibility to write components and forms by yourself. 

Some crucial advantages of this library are as under:

  1. It is easily maintainable
  2. Debugging becomes easy In Redux
  3. Testing becomes easy



React Intl

Every coding language has its syntax and set of rules. This makes it difficult for coders to get familiar with the regulations of different computer languages. With the help of React Intl, becoming accustomed to languages get easier for developers. 

This app makes internationalization feasible by incorporating an API that can format dates, strings, and numbers and handle pluralization. 



Styled Components

When we write code in CSS, we often come across the problem of overwriting selectors that are used across other places, but we no longer need to worry about it, thanks to styled components. Styled Component aids you in organizing your project, and the good thing is it can work, even if you use React Native. 

 It eliminates the mapping between styles and components. What this means is that when you define your styles, you are basically creating a simple component of React, which has styles connected to it. 

This library helps build reusable, tiny components that determine your app's UI.

Some important benefits of styled-components are as under:

  1. It eliminates all the class name bugs 
  2. They provide unique names for your classes that enhance your styles

Such benefits eliminate problems relating to duplications of class names, overlaps, and anything being misspelled. 



React Virtualized

This is one of the 5 most popular libraries for React JS apps. This library is very significant since it assists in improving the effectiveness of tabular data rendering. Restricting DOM elements and requests makes React apps' overall functioning much better.

It has a large community since it is open source. To window maximum elements, plenty of extensions and modules are already incorporated. Besides, it offers many other functionalities to the delight of developers.