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Magento Development Company | 3 Most Popular Modules for eCommerce

At PHP Studios, we work with a wide range of eCommerce businesses to create customized solutions for their online stores. As a Magento development company, we get the privilege of working with entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. 

Ecommerce is a popular business model. Virtually every business has an online presence and the ability to build an eCommerce business has given many entrepreneurs a fantastic way to expand their revenue streams, or create an entirely new revenue stream. All of this is amazing but not as simple as some online gurus would have you think. That’s why we cover topics that help you choose a Magento development company, and different aspects to help you streamline your eCommerce process.

As a Magento website developer, we studied the data and wanted to share the top 3 modules that Magento 2 Merchants are downloading. Our downloads are available free for your use at the Magento Marketplace. We’re publishing this post on the most popular downloads for our audience members who might benefit from them, as well.

Magento Website Developer Top 3 Module Downloads

The top 3 module downloads for Magento website developers are:

  • Force Login
  • Payment and Shipping
  • Review Reminder
Force Login

With the Force Login extension, eCommerce sites have a way to restrict their customers from logging in or accessing pages. From the backend, you can configure your eCommerce site so that your target audience can only access the pages you allow them to access. You can also use the feature so that the Admin can set the workflow to direct users to a set URL once they log in to your website.

The Force Login extension gives your team more control over how your customers navigate and access your eCommerce pages. This allows you to configure the user experience that meets your target audience and business needs. Your Admin can enable and disable customer registration, configure redirection upon login, and efficiently manage the experience for guest users.

Payment and Shipping

Adobe Marketplace

The Payment and Shipping extension lets you have full control over the specific payment and shipping methods used by your customers. This gives you more options to make certain that different customer groups are only able to access the shipping and payment methods that make the most sense for your business and the end customer.

With the extension, you can configure customized shipping and payment methods for each group and through multiple store views. This extension gives you an easy-to-use grid on the Admin Panel that showcases the detailed configurations for each customer group and the store views, methods of payment, and shipping options that each category has access to.

Review Reminder

Adobe Marketplace

The Review Reminder extension gives your team a fantastic tool to help improve your review participation. With increased customer reviews, eCommerce sites benefit from increased conversion rates, which means improved sales. 

The Review Reminder extension automates the process of following up with customers. You can set beautifully written follow-up emails and the solution automatically launches them to customers who have purchased products in your store. Without any extra effort from your staff, you’ll see an uptick in reviews from customers and increased visibility. With this extension, you can automate the process, but you can still send manual notification emails to customers. 

You’ll also be able to see where the review is in the process. You can see which customers have gotten a review reminder and whether they’ve followed the link to leave a review.

These are just a few of the free modules PHP Studios offers for download. Feel free to stop by the Magento Marketplace to see if any of our downloads will help improve your process.