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Magento Development | New Features in 2.4.3

Magento version 2.4.3 was just released on August 10, 2021. Your Magento developer needs to be ready to upgrade your eCommerce store with the latest version. This will give you the latest updates and functions as you get ready to swing into preparing your online store for the holiday season.

In this blog post, we’re going through all the new Magento development features. In this update, we’re looking at an improved user experience for your online shoppers. Many of the upgrades are backend, which means that your visitors won’t know the difference. But you will.

These changes improve previous functionality and deliver smoother performance. You should also note that many of these fixes improve security, which is essential to your eCommerce site. Altogether, there are 33 fixes to security issues and 370 fixes to the core code. This update includes community contributions that resolved nearly 300 GitHub issues, from minor clean-up issues to major enhancements. The 2.4.3 version remedies all the known issues in the 2.4.2 release.

We should mention that it’s important to upgrade your Magento immediately to eliminate the vulnerabilities from the previous version.

If you can’t upgrade right now, we recommend that you install the Adobe Commerce 2.4.2-p2 security patch in the meantime. This patch will fix the vulnerabilities until you can upgrade to the latest version.

Magento Development — 2.4.3 Updates

Let’s start with a brief list of features that have been updated in this new upgrade:

  • The reCAPTCHA feature has been expanded.
  • Page Builder for the open-source community (with Adobe commerce license)
  • Added composer plugin
  • Added built-in rate limiting
  • Added PayPal Pay Later support
  • Updates to the infrastructure
  • 33 security issues fixed (all known issues from the previous version)
  • GraphQL API expanded
  • Added Adobe Live Search

There are a number of changes that you should know about, so let’s dive into them one at a time.

The reCAPTCHA Expansion

The reCAPTCHA expansion means that your eCommerce site is protected from bots. The reCAPTCHA on the order page and any payment-related interface are disabled as a default, but you can turn it on through the Admin panel. This feature allows you to add another layer of protection against brute force attacks.

Page Builder for Open Source

You can use Page Builder and have access to a wealth of their features, which include integrations for eCommerce sites. You can use the staging options to lay out and fine-tune your site before launch. Page Builder is only available for eCommerce sites with an Adobe commerce license.

Added Composer Plugin

In this release, they’ve added a composer plugin to help you avoid dependency confusion. This is further protection to help you avoid issues of malicious packages that can be passed on to eCommerce accounts through unused namespace at packagist.org.

Added Built-In Rate Limiting

Magento added built-in rate limiting. This feature allows you to stop repeat actions in your traffic so that you have a defense against DDoS attacks and other bot activity.

Added PayPal Pay Later Support

An important feature for your eCommerce site, Magento now includes PayPal’s Pay Later feature. This means that your customers can use their PayPal to set installment payments rather than the full purchase price at checkout, which means increased conversion rates for your online store.

Updates to the Infrastructure

These updates improve the experience for your users and staff. They include upgrades that improve your importing and exporting functions, CMS, cart and checkout features, and your promotions.

33 Security Issues Repaired

Every known issue in the Magento 2.4.2 version has been repaired in the latest update. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, it’s important to update your version immediately or apply a patch until you can upgrade.

GraphQL API Expanded

This expansion includes the ability to use a wish list to add items to your cart and improvements to the gift registry functions.

Added Adobe Live Search

The new Live Search features allow you to use AI and machine learning to improve the search experience. This feature means improved user experience and fewer abandoned carts. When users can find their items easily, you’ll see increased conversion rates.

We hope that this gives you a good understanding of some of the improvements in the latest Magento upgrade.