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Best Marketing Practices for eCommerce Businesses

Ecommerce start-ups must have a marketing plan and strategy to map out how they want to build a relationship with potential customers. This plan and strategy will likely change over time and can be edited to better suit new found information gathered later on. Mapping out your marketing ideas makes it easier to think of concrete ways to actually achieve them. Ecommerce start-ups can see success by following their natural strength of being an online platform. Using online marketing techniques will help any online business.

Mission or Idea

Thinking of a plan or strategy sounds much more complicated than it really is. To start out, think about what your mission is. What problem are you solving, or what is it you are passionate about? Put this into the form of a paragraph or a few sentences for your audience to read. This will help you find others to support your business as they may see eye to eye with you. As a business grows, a mission can give everyone an idea of what to strive towards as a major goal.

Target Market

Who is most likely to buy your product or service? Who would benefit most from the solution you are offering? This is your target market and by knowing who they are, one can better communicate with them. You can create new products or improve upon existing ones by knowing how your customers think. As an eCommerce start-up it will be important to foster a community with your customers in an online environment.

Social Media

Setting up multiple social media accounts is significant as not all your customers will use the same platform or app. Another thought to consider is that your social media will showcase your mission/idea to the audience. Social media can be thought of as an extension of your eCommerce business and what you post will reflect that. For customers who follow all your social media accounts, try to post similar, but different content on each account. Each social channel should have an incentive for why someone would want to follow it. Engage with people by liking or commenting on their posts.

SEO & Content

Search Engine Optimization and content creation can bring more attention to your e-commerce business. Content created with keywords found with keyword research can increase your SEO. Making it more likely for your content to appear higher up in search results. People who find your content may be interested in the product and service you sell. It is also a good idea to write about your product or service so others can understand it more clearly. It is possible to attract a new audience you would not have otherwise.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be good for your business if you have multiple types of target demographics. This is because, with email marketing, one can personalize emails to be sent to a particular group. Meaning both groups of customers can get information that is relevant to them. Email marketing can be used to remind customers to leave reviews or comments. It can update customers on new products, services, or deals that are coming up.