How PHP Studios is Transforming eCommerce

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PHP Studios is a professional web development company that is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are specialists when it comes to Magento 2 development, WordPress development, along with React and PWA development. We have an intense focus on the eCommerce industry and remedy businesses by customizing websites to their individual needs.

Small Business for Small Businesses

We are changing eCommerce for our customers by being committed to solving their development predicaments. PHP Studios is a small business that helps other small businesses achieve their online commerce goals and dreams. We take the necessary steps to understand unique businesses without rushing to the end of the project or tasks. Stellar and tailored web development leads to a phenomenal eCommerce experience for our clients and yours.

It must be said that bigger is most definitely not better! As a small business, we are delivering a level of quality and personalization big organizations fail to rival. Our own background and approach to listening make us a better candidate at recognizing solutions for other small businesses. Our five-star development and support is more budget friendly as a result of this. eCommerce can be expensive, what is saved on it can be spent to improve on other areas, indirectly uplifting eCommerce.

Technology Integration

For eCommerce to be successful, 3rd-party technology integration can be done to add more features. Some integrations we have done include Mailchimp (email marketing platform), and Salesforce CRM (customer relationship management). PHP Studios remains up to date with the latest technologies to find and integrate potent solutions for our customers. Not keeping up can cause one to lose their eCommerce presence if they have already built one.

Magento 2

Magneto 2 is one of the best eCommerce platforms around. Your business will reap rewards by implementing it. PHP Studios professionals are Magento 2 certified with certifications for solution specialist, professional developer, and frontend developer. Our Magento 2 developers use this knowledge when customizing and creating your website. We think of what will work for you now and in the future as your e-business grows. We can make either small or big design changes for what is required.


Our developers are also masters at WordPress development. WordPress is another amazing platform for eCommerce purposes. If you are already using WordPress or have not yet tried it, we can assist you with doing so. WordPress is used for content creation and can sell products with the plugin WooCommerce. This hybrid model of content and products/services will continue into the future of eCommerce. Our developers can further specialize the platform to your liking.

React and PWA Development

The developers at PHP Studios can build a progressive web application for your website or store. Progressive web applications come with features that enhance eCommerce such as offline usage. They are used with multiple operating systems such as iOS and Android, saving you the effort to create separate applications for each system. PWAs are lower in development costs as there is less to develop. We offer support and maintenance so your business can be properly sustained.

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