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Making your brand successful in the cutthroat competition of this era is no piece of cake. Well, no worries. PHP Studios is a hub of expert Magento developers and PWA experts who are knowledgeable about the procedures needed for custom Magento and PWA development, respectively. Are you ready to get result-oriented, feature-rich eCommerce solutions ready?

Why Hire a Dedicated Developer?

We Value Timezone

No matter how big the time zone difference is, our team manage to fill in the communication gap. We believe in communicating with our clients often to better understand their requirements to meet high-end expectations.


The customer hiring process is changed. These days people value one-to-one communication with the developer instead of a third person involvement. You can reach our developers any time, any day throughout the project.

Daily Scrum

We are open to daily scrums. The developer leaves an update when he starts his day, in the mid of the day and at the end of his working day, to allow you to inspect the work progress regularly.

Working With Us Is Super-Relieving


It’s Show, Tell, and Do time. Our developers will ask you further about your inquiry to get ahead with your work.


An essential step for sure. Our team will jot down all your requirements in any mode of communication for your comfort.



After understanding your requirements to the core, we’ll select a resource for your project. Your say counts in here too!

Perks of Hiring a Dedicated Developer
From PHP Studios

Returns calls and texts
within minutes.

Full time/Part-time


Massive breakthrough
at affordable rates.

How Do We Work For You?

Fixed Cost

If your interest lies in fixed-rate payment, then we’ll possibly try our best to calculate the amount based on the effort the work required per hour. The product of the sum of the hours and the hourly cost will determine the fixed rates. And then, there comes your approval on the price.


You pay us according to the efforts we put in each hour throughout the project. Our Hourly quote varies with the complexity of the task. Reach us out to know more.


It is even assessed through the number of hours we spent on your work. You pay us a fixed amount against certain decided hours. In case the number of hours exceeds the one already decided, then we’ll mutually settle the cost.

Diversity in Everything We Do.

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