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Hiring a dedicated Magento developer is a key step in building your eCommerce site to perform optimally. This is important for your brand but it’s also essential for the customers who come to your website. They expect a seamless, intuitive experience. 

At PHP Studios, our Magento developers and PWA experts work with a wide variety of eCommerce businesses. Our priority is helping our clients create and manage their eCommerce sites to fit their business and audience needs. That means that your Magento developer works to customize your solutions specifically for your business. With an individual, customized approach to your Magento development, you avoid issues that can hinder businesses using an out of the box solution that isn’t tailored to their website functions.

Common problems, such as slow loading time, can mean that customers leave the site. Applications and software update constantly. Any update can mean that functions may not work properly if they’re not maintained. For your business, the way your website functions is crucial in building and keeping customer loyalty. Customers are less likely to trust an eCommerce site when there are glitches, or the service is less than professional.

As a business owner, you invest time and funds into building your brand and marketing your products. Make sure that you have a dedicated developer to streamline your website, where the real functionality of your business model fosters long-term customer growth.

The Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Magento Developer

At PHP Studios, we offer more than a freelance service per project or contract. Our team of experienced developers function as a part of your team to provide updated maintenance. We counsel your team on the best approaches to build the best eCommerce solutions for your business model.


When hiring a Magento developer through PHP Studios, you get a dedicated professional who works directly with your business and model on your schedule. We work across time zones, so you get the most professional care that meets your business needs.

Personal Communication
and Care

You can work directly with your dedicated developer. This means that you’re able to build a professional relationship and you can expect excellent communication. Your Magento developer becomes an extension of your team.

Updates and Benchmarks

Throughout any project, your developer provides updates so that you can easily track milestones/progress and stay up to date on the status of your project(s).

PHP Studios’ Hiring Process for Magento Developers

Unlike other venues where you might source a freelance developer, at PHP Studios, all our developers are highly skilled and carefully vetted. We’re not just a hub to outsource work. We realize that you need professional and experienced skills to bring your vision to life. But you also need a personal fit for your company so that communication is productive. 

This is what makes our hiring process unique to your business. We build our hiring process to make sure that your developer is the right fit for your business and staff.

The process:

Initial Contact

The first step for our team is understanding your initial inquiry. This means that one of our business analysts will be in contact to understand exactly what you need and expect from your project.


This process dives into the intricacies of your business and processes. We can work through any communication channel that works for your business and will often dive into specifics about your business, the customers, and your goals for your ecommerce site.


The final step in our process involves choosing the most qualified developer within our organization based on your business needs and giving you a detailed breakdown of why they are uniquely suited for your project.

The PHP Studios’ Difference for Magento Development

Working with PHP Studios means that every solution is customized for your business. We’ve developed a set of processes that allows us to deliver enhancements that offer the best experience for your employees and customers.

Our clients benefit from:


Our team works around the clock to ensure you always receive timely responses to your questions and concerns.

Hours to Fit Your Needs

You can choose full-time or part-time services to fit your business model and budget.

Affordable Rates

Your budget is considered when choosing your services. You’ll never pay more for services you don’t need, and we scale to meet the growth of your business.

Security Compliance

We stay up to date with the latest compliance regulations and ensure that all your work and data is secure and protected.

PHP Studios’ Models

We offer different service tier models to perfectly fit your business needs:


With a fixed-rate plan, we’ll decide on an exact scope of work, timeframe, and deliverables. This is a good choice for a company that wants one project or set projects completed but then chooses to monitor and maintain the website internally.


An hourly rate ensures that you’re paying for the specific hours that our Magento developers spend on your project. These hours and rates will fluctuate depending on the scope of the project and the level of expertise.

Monthly Retainer

A monthly retainer is used for ongoing clients. The cost is determined based on the set number of hours to monitor and maintain the property. When new projects or costs outside of the agreed upon retainer are necessary, those projects and billable hours are agreed upon prior to launch.

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