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Why Should You Hire A PHP Studios Developer?

At PHP Studios, our eCommerce developers and Web Developer experts work with various businesses. Our priority is helping our clients create and manage their product to fit their business and audience requirements. Our experts come up with thoroughly planned, customized, and practical solutions best suited to your business. As a business owner, you invest time and funds into building your brand and marketing your products. We ensure that our dedicated team of experts plan each step correctly and streamline your product efficiently, helping your business model foster long-term customer growth.

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Benefits of Hiring A
Dedicated Developer

PHP Studios offers you the assistance that takes your website towards excellence.


Our developers work across various time zones, which allows us to consider your schedules, and our experts are available at your convenience.


To ensure quality services and the perfect outcomes, the developer works directly with the clients, which allows you to build a meaningful professional relationship.

& Milestones

Throughout any project, your developer provides updates to easily track milestones/progress and stay up to date on the status of your project(s).

Our Hiring Process of Experts

Our experts are not freelancers but hired after careful assessment and are highly skilled at their craft. We realize that the developers must be specialists in their fields for the best outcomes. Therefore, we have a unique screening process. We build our hiring process to ensure that your dedicated team is the right fit for your business and staff.

Initial Contact


A business analyst contacts you to gather details about your project.



We discuss your demands and goals regarding your website.



We finalize the deal by providing you with a competent developer for your project.

Hirring Processs

Why Are PHP Studios’ Experts Unique?

We have built means that allow us to deliver services and bring about developments that offer the best insight for your employees and customers.

Hirring Process

Actively Responsive


Our developers work around the clock to ensure they are available for any concerns.

Time Flexibility


It depends on the customer's wishes to set meetings and deadlines as per the requirements of their business models.

Security Compliance


We stay up to date with the latest compliance regulations and ensure that your work and data are secure and protected.

PHP Studios' Models

Fixed Rates


With a fixed-rate plan, it is easier for the company to plan out the strategies and maintain them for longer periods should the need arise.

Hourly Rates


An hourly rate guarantees that you're paying for the particular hours that our experts spend on your venture.

Monthly Retainer


A monthly retainer is used for ongoing clients. The cost is determined based on the set number of hours to monitor and maintain the project.

Our Awards

Certifications & Contributions

PHP Studios strives for excellence – with a professional team of developers, we are proud to have made meaningful contributions to the Magento Platform.

Hyvä Technical Contributors


Magento & SCANDIPWA Core Contributors

The First PWA Theme For Magento
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