Our Processes

For the ease of the customer, our process is transparent, which also helps us in the long term in developing a professional relationship.

We start here


Kicking off the project

A shared channel on slack is created for communication purposes between the client and the development team.

Resource Allocation

After the communication channel is set up a team lead and a dedicated developer is assigned to the project.



Sync Meetings

Daily or weekly meetings with the clients are setup as preferred by the client to track progress on the project.

Daily Logs

The resource assigned to the respective project updates their timesheet daily with a description of the tasks that have been done, this tracks their progress on a day to day basis.



Daily Updates

We have a daily update cycle on our communication channels, the assigned resource will update what they are working on and what their progress is three times a day (Start of day, Mid day & Day end). We have automatic reminders set up to ensure this is done.

Our developers can work under your umbrella if you’re an agency and want the member to be part of your team

We actively check client’s website security performance and SEO

We have internal scrum meeting before we propose plan of the day to client

We document the feature under development so its easy for client to understand.

We provide a QA resource if that’s not provided by client

We offer to build and setup staging/dev severs for clients

We Ensure to obey PCI/GDPR compliance

We conduct workshops for employees regarding communication and technical skills improvement

We conduct retro notes with clients

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