About Us

Here at PHP Studios we provide premium eCommerce solutions for small to medium sized businesses. With a team of certified expert developers along with industry leading project managers, we are able to deliver projects matching or exceeding our clients expectations.

We believe in Custom Creation. Expressing your brand image in a unique and unmatched way.


We invest our time to understand your needs and expectations in order to offer satisfactory results. What sets us apart is that we keep direct communication with our clients, and have very quick response times.

Phase 1
In-Person Meetup Or An Online Interaction

The way we consult and prescribe our clients is constantly evolving with time. What stays the same is the process by which we extend our services to every client approaching us. We schedule a call to give our team a detailed insight of your project for max clarity.

Deliver your requirements.

And let us provide  solutions that helps your business grow.

Design & Architect

We ensure that all projects go through a thorough design and architecture process to achieve a robust solution that meets  and or exceeds your expectations.

Phase 2
Planning your project

This phase will follow the efforts in the phase one. Our team, with strong collaborative efforts, will do a deep dive to understand your requirements, process them and provide solutions that stick to your budget, business needs, and preferences collectively.

We then create a proposal to share with you.

Once approved, we set a date to get your project started.


Now comes the most crucial stage. We’ll start developing your website after we receive your approval and start date. Should there be additional request at this point, we can process those as well and add them to the project’s scope.

Phase 3
Executing your project

Our certified developers will craft digital solutions as per your requirements. You’ll also receive regular updates on your project until it has reached completion status.

We will start to implement your requests.

Keeping you updated throughout the process, until your project is ready and approved by you.

Our Mission

At PHP Studios, we’re passionate about creating intelligent eCommerce solutions and campaigns for our customers around the globe. We are constantly investing in talent and technology to help you innovate and grow. We give honest, open advice for your businesses without bringing your pockets into the account.

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& Contributions

We are proud to employ developers that hold professional certifications and have made official contributions to the technologies they work with every day.

Our Success Mantra Includes…

Transparency & Honesty

We work closely along side our clients. Whether it’s a small project or a long one, we disclose every detail to you. We operate with utmost honesty, and transparency to keep our long list of dedicated customers happy.

Code Quality

Code quality can translate into how valuable and maintainable your code is: high-quality code can be re-used and re-developed; low-quality code doesn’t last. Our developers believe in a comprehensive approach to web development, starting from coding and mark-up to web design and content.

Fair Pricing

Our products and services are priced reasonably and work within your budget. Call us now to know more about our pricing.


It’s an essential attribute. We understand the importance of punctuality and meeting deadlines, so our developers are always proactive in meeting the order. Most of our customers are dedicated mainly due to this attribute.

Diversity in Everything We Do.

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